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Dr. Linda Marie Chous, O.D.

Chief Eye Care Officer

Congratulations to Dr. Chous, named one of the "2013 Most Influential Women in Optical." Read her profile.

Dr. Linda Marie Chous loves that there are days when she feels like Sherlock Holmes.

“Finding the perfect treatment, therapy or glasses prescription to suit a person’s visual and wellness needs is like solving a mystery!” she says.

She certainly has all the tools she needs in her “detective kit.” The chief eye care officer for United Healthcare Specialty Benefits and owner and pediatric optometrist at The Glasses Menagerie in Minneapolis, Dr. Chous has... Full Biography

Dr. Deborah Amoroso, O.D. 

Having such a positive contact lens appointment opened Dr. Amoroso’s eyes to a career in optometry.

“Improving someone’s quality of life through their vision is a really great feeling,” says Dr. Amoroso. “Seeing a patient happy after they have an exam is my favorite part of the job.” Full Biography

Dr. Melissa Connolly, O.D. 

A Brooklyn, New York native, Dr. Connolly has practiced in the Bel Air area for the last 11 years.

Her favorite part of being an optometrist is meeting local families and watching their children grow up. “I care just as much about my patients as I do their eyes,” she says.

Dr. Connolly appreciates the power of good eye health and eyewear. At age 14, she began to wear contact lenses – and it changed her life. Full Biography

Dr. Richard Li, O.D. 

Dr. Richard Li is a people person. He loves connecting with his patients and taking the time to listen to them and understand their concerns before addressing their visual needs.

He discovered his calling in high school, during an eye examination. “I thought to myself, ‘I could do this for a living!’” he says.

After receiving a degree in general biology from the University of Maryland in College Park, he attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, where he earned... Full Biography

Dr. Richard Rebuck, O.D. 

Dr. Richard Rebuck’s journey to become an optometrist was a rather unconventional one.

After pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Bucknell University, Dr. Rebuck realized that spending his days crunching numbers was not his ideal career. He took his prerequisites for admission to optometry school at Shippensburg University, which led him to graduate from Indiana University’s School of Optometry with a doctoral degree. He hasn’t looked back to his accounting days since. Full Biography

Dr. Erica Bennehoff, O.D. 

While some kids had average after school jobs, Dr. Erica Bennehoff was realizing her true passion.

“I started working for an Optometrist when I was a senior in high school, and by the time I was a sophomore in college, I knew I was going to become an Optometrist too.” 

This early experience with Optometry helps Dr. Bennehoff interact with her patients in a genuine way. Full Biography

Dr. Arnold M. Sapperstien, O.D. 

“I love helping people with different types of eye problems and helping them to see clearly again.”

Ever since his first eye exam, Dr. Sapperstein knew he wanted to be an optometrist. “I think my jokes and easy going personality relaxes the patients.”

As a Baltimore City native, Dr. Sapperstein earned his bachelor’s of science degree in pre-medicine from Loyola College of Baltimore while simultaneously training for and reaching the Olympic track and field trial finals. Full Biography

Dr. John Geremia, O.D. 

Dr. John Geremia likes people more than he likes bacteria.

That’s why, after getting his degree in microbiology from the University of Maryland in College Park, he decided to get an advanced degree in a health care profession. After researching his options, he chose optometry as his focus. 

He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, where he was inducted into the Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society and graduated in the top 5% of his class. Full Biography

Dr. Larry Allan Rubin, O.D. 

After an eye exam at age 5, Dr. Rubin knew he’d found his calling. 

“I wanted to understand all of the cool stuff my eye doctor was using,” remembers Dr. Rubin. “Today, I get to play with the toys I wanted so badly to touch!”

Known for his patience and thorough approach to addressing his patients’ visual concerns, Dr. Rubin received two clinical excellence citations from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. “Knowing stuff is great, but being able to apply that knowledge is better,” he says. “Each patient’s visual concern is a puzzle I need to figure out.” Full Biography

Dr. Marty J. Wyman, O.D. 

“My favorite thing about being an optometrist is the interaction with my patients and getting to know them.”

After a great childhood experience with his family optometrist, Dr. Wyman knew what career he wanted to pursue. “I think my patients can tell that I really care about them.”

Growing up in Baltimore City, Dr. Wyman studied pre-medicine and pre-optometry at The University of Maryland in College Park. Full Biography

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